Baby, It’s Cold Outside….

Temperatures are dropping–finally! Fall is the perfect time of year, especially when it gets just chilly enough to bring out the fur. In this case, a short and chunky vintage Mouton jacket.

Mouton is  sheepskin sheered to look like beaver or sheared mink. It was popular in the 30s, 40s and 50s, often styled–like this one–as a short jacket or a swingy coat.  It’s warm, it goes with everything and it’s fun–especially if you pin on a vintage brooch. I like this jacket because it’s clearly vintage but looks thoroughly modern.

The jacket is a dark chocolate brown, with cuffed sleeves and a rolled collar. I’ll be wearing it with jeans or black pants this winter.

Another woman could have been wearing it; I found it in the racks at Goodwill but didn’t even try it on because it looked too small. Call me pushy (I prefer the phrase “helpful and generous”), but when I find something fabulous but not my size, I look around the store for someone who could benefit. I found such a woman and I brought the coat to her attention. She tried it on and loved it! She preened in front of the mirror, admiring the fit. Or so I thought. I went on about my shopping, trying not to be weepy about the coat being too small–and such a steal for $25.

Imagine my surprise, then, two days later when I saw the coat still on the rack! Don’t people have any taste? Shouldn’t some lanky teenage girl have snatched up this jacket to wear with skinny jeans and boots. (Okay, I admit my teenage-girl fashion sense may be faulty–I only have a son.) I decided to try on the coat. And guess what? It fits–better when it’s open but I can actually fasten the front, too.

Naturally, I bought it. Better yet, Goodwill was having a half-off sale that day on coats, so I paid only $12.50. The glow from that bargain-basement price was enough to keep me warm for the rest of theday.

You can generally find Mouton online for $100 or less. I found one similar to mine on a site called Trashy Diva for $80.

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