Five easy changes to simplify life

Susan Caba
Resale Evangelista

Experts [magazines in my dentist’s office] suggest making small changes on the path to decluttering your life. I’ve adapted that philosophy to cover making space in my psychic life as well as in my material life. Here are five steps I’ve taken so far.

  • Accept that linen shirts wrinkle—and may be worn wrinkled.

Every summer, I buy a white linen shirt. I already have several, but none of them are ironed. It’s suddenly dawned on me that, except on special occasions, a white linen shirt doesn’t have to be crisply ironed. Shaken out after washing and hung up to dry, they are sufficiently unwrinkled enough to wear.

“Don’t worry, spiders,
I keep house

I like this guy, Issa, whose name means “a single bubble in steeping tea.”  He also wrote:

Napped half the day;
no one
punished me!

  • Throw out mismatched Tupperware lids sooner, rather than later.

Tupperware containers are like socks—the matching sets have a tendency to separate and disappear. Until recently, I had 23 lids and only four containers. My friend Mike Hess had a different experience: “I’ve not noticed that the numbers vary, but that if there are 20 bowls and 20 lids, and you match ’em all up, you’ll still have 10 bowls and 10 lids left over.”
Don’t bother keeping the one-of lids or bowls. Just like socks, the mates won’t appear. Until you throw out the one you kept.

  • Make your bed before leaving the bedroom when you get up.

Going back to make it later is too much trouble. If there are two of you in the bed, making it is the responsibility of the last one out. I got this advice from a Mafia wife who was appalled that she didn’t find an FBI bug behind a television set for months, because she didn’t dust back there often enough. (I follow her make-the-bed advice, but not her renewed dedication to dusting.)

  • Post this wisdom on your refrigerator. Read it when you get scared.

“The risks of losing everything by maintaining the status quo are much greater than the risks of making changes.”

(Management consultant Robert Fox)

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