Whoo-hoo! A week of blogging, done


Ganesh, the Hindu god of prosperity, who removes obstacles

Susan Caba
Resale Evangelista

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” Aristotle

This is the seventh day in a row I’ve posted on Resale Evangelista. It’s a long way from 365 days, or even from a month of daily posts. But I can’t think of anything I’ve done, lately, every day for eight days.

Lack of structure or discipline is something I’ve lamented about myself for as long as I can remember. If I flip through old journals going back to high school, I see that I’ve berated myself time and again for this failing.

Not that I’ve never achieved anything–I have. Often, it’s been with the help of a deadline. I frequently quote the late Douglas Adams, author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe:  “I love deadlines. Especially the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.”

A lot of people think that working independently must be great, that “you can do what you want.” Uh-huh, it is. But what if you’re easily distracted or have a gazillion ideas? There’s no one here but me to bring the focus.

I’ve found that the hardest thing is getting myself going every day. Well, not getting myself going, but deciding in which direction to get myself going. Making that decision every day is exhausting. Really. I’m not just whining.

The result can verge towards chaos. Not towering ocean-waves chaos, just a brisk wind-across-the-pond choppiness. Enough that the days don’t always start smoothly. I’m good at planning structure, not so good at carrying it out. I have a tendency to work on the urgent task, rather than one that’s merely important.  That leads to a near-constant feeling of being rushed.

That’s why a week of blogging is a milestone for me. Thanks to my friend, Jone Bosworth, I picked a topic–simplifying, clarifying and focusing my life–that I’ve thought about a lot, though I haven’t exactly achieved those goals. But I’m slogging onward. (Morning addendum: Not always slogging. Sometimes skipping!)

So I’m celebrating this achievement. In the meantime, here’s an interesting blog post: 5 Scientific Ways to Build Habits That Stick.

If you, too, are trying to simplify, clarify or focus your life, let me know how it’s going and what works for you. Keep it short and simple!

7 thoughts on “Whoo-hoo! A week of blogging, done

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  2. Jone

    Whoo-hoo is right! Congrats, Sue, I absolutely love reading every day and it is triggering simplifying thoughts for me too. Delighted to have been a co-conspirator with Ganesh, catalyzing your blog-action. 🙂 Keep going, girl!


  3. Jean Johnson

    I love reading your blogs! I am learning more about you – your life, your family, your interests. I should try this blogging thing sometime!


    1. Susan at Resale Evangelista Post author

      Hi Jean,
      Give it a try. It’s fun, somewhat addictive. If you want to do a guest blog sometime for Resale Evangelista, let me know. Anything to do with shopping resale (love to hear about your favorite resale shop in Sioux City, if you have one), paring down or the meaning of a special possession will work. I’m going to write something soon about Roni, and a puppet she made for one of the boys.



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