High heels and bare feet–equally lethal?

High heels are dangerous...

Jone Bosworth spotted this sign, posted at the Santa Barbara Harbor, and sent it in after reading my post on getting rid of my highest high-heels. Is this a philosophical point of view, that high heels and bare feet are both dangerous? Or is it merely practical advice? Anyone have a theory regarding how they relate and in what way they are dangerous? Use your imagination and let me know what you think, in words, pictures or a combination of both. Don’t hold back, let your imagination run wild!

4 thoughts on “High heels and bare feet–equally lethal?

  1. James Merendino

    I guess if the woman is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, a kick from a high-heeled foot or a bare foot could be lethal!


  2. lisa tracy

    Long time ago, I was living at a college language dorm, and one day was sitting out barefoot on the building’s front porch when our house mother, Mme. Ragner, returned from an errand. She surveyed my bare feet with distaste and said, in her inimitable French, “You KNOW what we call people who go barefoot! We call them go-barefoots!!” And she swept into the house.
    I went to my room and looked up “va-nu-pieds.” Turns out it is slang for gypsy. But I loved the completely disdainful redundancy, which struck her not as amusing but as the sorry fact of the matter, the utter lack of taste and decency of it all ~ sacre bleu!!



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