Keeping in touch….

By Susan Caba
Resale EvangelistaDSCF1545Best Friends for Life!

I’m not always very good at keeping in touch with friends around the country. I send the occasional email, making a mental note to write a longer letter…and, too often, fail to follow through. I was reminded of this by an old friend, Maralyn, on her blog, “Carless by Choice.”

In a recent post, Defriending the Cavewoman, she wrote:

“It takes time and caring, patience and acceptance, to get to know someone well enough to nurture a connection and build a genuine friendship. We are such busy people. Sometimes one person or the other finds it too much trouble to sustain — or the thrill is gone — and the friendship fades away.”

What’s the point of simplifying and clarifying life if not to make time for more important pursuits? And what’s more important than nurturing personal connections? Not much, really–so I’m sitting down today and writing actual letters which I will put in actual envelopes and mail. Some may be group letters, some individual, but my friends are too important to let our relationships fade away.

Thank you, Maralyn, for the reminder.

PS This may be a slower process than I anticipated–but I’ll keep at it.

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