Hey, Macklemore…

…can we go thrift shopping?

By Susan Caba
The Resale Evangelista

“I’m gonna pop some tags
only got 20 dollars in my pocket…”

In case you didn’t catch the Grammy Awards nominations earlier this month, the show opened with the current hit “Thrift Shop,” an ode to Goodwill. That’s right, Goodwill.

The New York Times just cited the work, by indie rap duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, as a metaphor not only for current fashion, but for American youth culture, too. (Trendsetter of 2013? Goodwill).

“We live in a thrift shop culture, compelled by daily, hourly and constantly refreshed trips to the Goodwill outlet that is the web. There we find all the stuff for assembling the “curated” selves who experts say are the new American trendsetters, D.I.Y. solipsists. Like Macklemore, we repurpose, we mash up, we grab things off the sale rack and try it on for size. …

“It was as though, in the past year, beleaguered consumers decided to take back fashion, to follow Macklemore’s lead and scour the cultural sale rack for what’s already hanging around. In the process they rediscovered the durable qualities of Made in U.S.A. labels like Filson and also only-in-America garments like Daisy Dukes.”

Is this not what The Resale Evangelista has been telling you?

The raunchy and raucous lyrics celebrate the bargain bins of “the thrift shop down the road” while ridiculing $50 designer t-shirts, foisted on the non-cognocenti who suffer the humiliation of finding six other people wearing the same garment.

We Goodwill hunters and gatherers know how to mix it up, pull together our thrift shop finds with the occasional high-fashion piece for a look that’s all our own. Each of us chooses–according to our age and station–the degree to which we mix grunge and luxury.

As the “Thrift Shop” chorus says, “This is f—–g awesome.”

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