Goodwill mash-ups

Coat & Scarf, Goodwill

High-low dressing creates witty, unique looks

By Susan Caba
Resale Evangelista

The New York Times recently extolled the mix-it-up, mash-it-up, high-low American fashion esthetic that pairs a $5,000 Chanel jacket with ripped jeans, a scruffy denim jacket with a thrift-store fur collar find. jackets

The look, wrote Times staffer Guy Trebay, is embraced by pop stars, rappers and iconic models. The key ingredient is wit, the “knowing wink” that turns what could be a bag-lady amalgam into street fashion.

Maybe you aren’t ready to go as far as Miley Cyrus or Rihanna, but you, too, can mix it up with thrift store finds.  Here are some fairly conservative jackets and other pieces–all $15 or less–found recently at the Brentwood Goodwill store on Manchester Road.

Michael Hainey, deputy editor of GQ Magazine, told Trebay that the impact of American street style on high fashion has international appeal.

“There’s a freedom to our way of dressing, particularly now, and that’s why Europeans get so inspired by us,” Hainey said.

Click here to read the full New York Times article, Trendsetter for 2013? Goodwill.

Then get yourself down to Goodwill, or your favorite thrift shop, and indulge yourself.

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