Buy or sell online with Tradesy

Decluttering closets? Turn clothing to cash

Tradesy is an online consignment boutique where you can sell, as well as buy, clothing, accessories, shoes and more.

I looked back over my records from last year–I sold about $500 of clothing and accessories–without much effort.

Tradesy is free to join and easy to use. As a consignor, you take some photos of the items you want to sell, upload them and fill out a form with size, condition, description and all that. There’s a widget that helps you determine an appropriate price–the more luxurious the item, the higher the percentage. I sold a vintage Hermes scarf for $175, approximately half the cost of a new one. On the other hand, I sold a small canvas Coach purse for $20 (I don’t know what it would have cost new–I bought it at Goodwill for $3, cleaned it up and listed it).

Once you set the price, Tradesy adds the cost of shipping to the listing price. When your item sells and Tradesy confirms receipt of the money, you receive a postage-paid mailing pouch. When the customer receives her purchase, Tradesy releases the money into your account minus a 9 percent commission. If you prefer the cash, the money is transferred to your Paypal account (and Paypal takes an additional commission).

These are set price sales, not auctions. Tradesy handles the financial transactions and–here’s the best part–the returns. If a customer returns something, Tradesy deals with the item. In other words, you don’t have to send back the money and the item does not return to your closet.

I haven’t listed anything recently but last year I see I sold a couple of pairs of shoes, a Coach leather briefcase, the Hermes scarf and two Coach purses. Most were things I wanted to get rid of or purchased to resell (which I’ve stopped doing–stuff can pile up, you know?)

Here’s a link–if you join, you get a $15 credit on your first purchase. Tradesy

I’m checking out another site, It looks a little more complicated than Tradesy. I’ll let you know when I find out more.

Getting rid of excess stuff is one of the keys to living a simplified, more artful life.


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