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Susan Caba
Resale Evangelista

Big news, everyone!

I can now definitively educate you on The Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands of 2013.

This information is hot from the webpages of The Richest, which does yeoman’s work keeping up to date on matters such as celebrity net worth, outrageous prices paid for consumer goods and, of course, the 10 most expensive items or brands in any category of materialism.

I know y’all are dying for this information. And read on to the end, because I’m going to clue you in on two great bargains (I am tempted to put an LOL here, except that I loathe LOLs). This list and the others will, I’m sure, help us clarify and simplify our lives.

Drum-roll, please. The 10 most expensive clothing companies are:

  1. Gucci: “Known for producing a great variety of products in the most excellent of quality, Gucci has established a brand loyalty that justifies its high prices. Often used by celebrities and the rich class, Gucci has successfully secured its position as the most expensive clothing brand of 2013,” according to the Richest website.
  2. Chanel
  3. Dolce and Gabbana
  4. Prada
  5. Armani (the most popular brand in the world)
  6. Versace
  7. Dior
  8. Valentino
  9. Guess (the only U.S. brand on the list)
  10. Fendi

The list did provoke arguments, to wit:

“Worst summary ever…Whoever wrote this has no clue. … Honestly!” (a CEO)

“The list is almost completely wrong,” raged an employee of the Royal Norwegian Sjøforsvaret Navy and Luftforsvaret Air Force. “None of these brands deserve to even be in the top 10. Sure Gucci and Chanel are expensive, but how much is a Gucci suit? $3,000?–that’s pocket-change for the world’s wealthiest … What truly would deserve to be named the most expensive brand of clothing: Stuart Hugh … and his $900,000 Richard Jewels Diamond Edition suit.” (Why would a Royal Norwegian Navy and Air Force employee know that?)

“What about Louis Vuitton?! Hermes?!” griped  Faisal Zahid Sheikh.

The Sheikh has a point. A Birkin bag by HermèsImage–you know, the one Cate Blanchett carries in the movie Blue Jasmine–costs anywhere from $7,000 to $70,000 new. Guess what? The bag is one of the few things that often costs more used than fresh out of the store. That’s because the waiting list for new versions is several years long.

The Birkin bag pictured–made of rare reddish crocodile skin with solid white gold hardware embellished with diamonds–sold at auction in Dallas in 2011 for $203,000. If you were willing to do without the diamonds and gold, you could have gotten in on the bidding (starting at $40,000) for a similar bag auctioned off last year. The winning bid was a measly $106,350. If you’re in the market, read How to Buy Your First Hermès Birkin  by Forbes personal finance columnist Deborah L. Jacobs. She says you can probably score a Birkin like Blanchett’s for about $3,500.

Take heart, Evangelistas. So you can’t afford Hermès. I have found you two bargains on items by Louis Vuitton, the most valuable luxury brand in the world, right here in Middle America.

First, the boots. A pristine, never-worn pair of LV tobacco-colored suede boots await their future owner at Upscale Resale on Manchester. At just under $2,000, these boots are made for walking. There is one catch, Cinderellas. They are size 5.5. If that fits, or if you’re willing to suffer pinched toes, get on over there.LV suitcase

A little more practical and just a tad more expensive, Upscale Resale also has a full-size LV suitcase. It shows only the slightest bit of wear, despite having traveled round the world with its current owner. (I have to wonder, did the owner check it through baggage or carry it on?) The suitcase can be had for  $2,505–and one size fits all.

But hurry. I may pass this information along to the Sheikh and I’m sure he’ll want to put in a telephone order.

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