Bad Girl!

I’ve been remiss for nearly a week, falling down on my commitment to daily posting. Don’t worry, though, I’ve been feeling guilty about it, which means I haven’t given up. In order to get back with the program, I’m going to repost from some other blogs for the next few days.

Today’s borrowed post is from An Opinionated Man. He writes on several topics but he also posts “a daily opinion,” short and sweet.

Jan. 31: “A thought not written is an idea possibly wasted.”

Jan. 21: Isn’t it common sense at this point to simply say something is wrong with the weather? With the planet? With me… wait not with me.

Jan. 1: In the future when machines are used to police the populace and all of them have a “Made in China” stamp… who exactly will be the ones policing us?

Here’s a little about Jason, the author of An Opinionated Man, in his own words.

“I was born in Pusan, South Korea (Busan if you are Korean) and was left on a street when I was 3 years old. I was adopted and lived my early childhood in Jackson, Mississippi which was… interesting. I moved to Memphis, TN around the first grade I believe and although similar in some ways, Memphis was very different in others. My adopted parents are white, my mom is a writer and my father is a doctor, and I have an adopted sister (SK as well) and a white adopted brother. I am the middle child.

“… Growing up with all white friends and black school mates was a bummer because I was generally in the lower 25% in height and weight. A fact that was readily apparent in physical altercations, but I will say that I gave as good as I got. I grew up white, which really just is the simple truth. I didn’t even eat Asian food, and yes I say Asian here because I wasn’t Korean at the time.

“I attended University of Tennessee at Knoxville and quickly went from a good student to a below average student. Mainly because for some reason to do well in school you have to attend class, a concept that passed me by. I did not do well in college mostly because of anger at my birth mom, which I discovered in 2000. I still have not met her or talked to her and she has kept me from ever meeting my older sister, whom I didn’t know existed till 2000 as well. It took me 12 years to move past that. I still like soju though… so at least I have a comforting companion.

“Currently I work in information technology under the yoke of Corporate Rule… but maybe one day I will be able to be a real writer. Right now I do not consider myself a writer at all, in fact I would say I am an amateur pretending to be a writer. I will accept the title of blogger though, that I suppose I have earned.

“I currently live in Colorado with my wife and two daughters. It snows here. I hate snow.”

But he likes the Broncos. Here is his post for Super Bowl Sunday: Dear God see us to victory today. Go Broncos.

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