Two prongs or three

Grounded outletOld outlets are a drag

Susan Caba
Resale Evangelista

I love old houses, I really do.

But I’ll tell you what I won’t miss about this old house–its wide variety of electrical outlets.

I am so tired of going to plug in the vacuum cleaner, which has a three-prong plug and finding that my intended outlet is a two-pronger (I know, I know–it’s called ungrounded). Or buying one of those multiple-outlet thingy’s, getting it home and finding out it is mismatched to the outlet.

Worse, the configuration of some of the outlets in this house are completely unfamiliar, weird combinations of slots and holes. Try finding the adapter for one of those.

It would also be nice to have more than one outlet on each wall–or even in each room. And what about lights in the closets (but that’s another rant).

The next place I live will have consistent electrical outlets. I may go so far as to have them all replaced at once, before I move in. Then I’m going to ditch my collection of adapters, extension cords and surge protectors.

A simplified life means never needing an adapter for plugs


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