My Bad….

I shouldn’t have…but I did!

Susan Caba
The Resale Evangelista


What can I say?

As I’ve mentioned before, a friend with a store–A.J. Brewington (it’s her fault!)– often had a top hat, a bowler and a short top hat displayed in her late, lamented store in the Central West End. I always thought it was cool, so Magritte.

Matt Musial, dressed for the Oscars in top hat and T shirt

I succumbed to the urge to buy a top hat when I saw one at Rung.

Last week, I was visiting another resale shop–more about it in another post, later–when I saw a bowler. Now, how often does one come across a bowler? Especially at the bargain price of $35?

If for no other reason, I had to buy it as a means of price-averaging the cost of the top hat!

Anyway, I can only exercise so much restraint. It’s not my biggest strength.

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