My house…

…is sold!


County Hills Drive


Yes, folks, barring complications–which are always a possibility–my house in St. Louis will soon belong to someone else. I accepted the second offer within a few days of putting the house on the market. Three years of clutter-clearing, painting and other touch-ups paid off with a fast sale, so the effort was worthwhile. The closing is scheduled for late April (knock wood).

I’m on the East Coast, where the weather is snowy, sleety and blustery. Nonetheless, I hung a small bird feeder outside the sun room window yesterday and spent this morning watching small gray-blue birds–probably juncos–and the occasional cardinal fluttering in for a bite to eat. Not to mention a squirrel that just couldn’t quite figure out how to get to the feeder. But, when I checked again around 5 p.m., the squirrel was hanging upside down by what appeared to be one back leg and snarfing down bird food. Who says squirrels aren’t smart?

More later.






6 thoughts on “My house…

  1. Jodi

    Congrats, Susan! You really put a lot into getting your house fixed up so nice for sale ~ I almost made an offer (NOT). Anyway, you are an inspiration and I wish you well!.


      1. Lisa Tracy

        Fabu! I have an old friend in Silver Spring whom I think you’d really like. Ginny Hillhouse, Know her from our collective days back at the Passaic Herald-News – her hub’s a slot on the Wash Post copy desk.
        TBC — I check my email more often than this, at — Let’s tawk!!


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