Winding Road through Cherry Blossoms

Winding Road through Cherry Blossoms

Bethesda’s Kenwood neighborhood is famous for its cherry trees

The Resale Evangelista

I’ve settled into my temporary digs in Bethesda, after a little more than three weeks. Found a community center with a weights and aerobics room, joined the Eunice Shriver aqua center, and located the nearest Trader Joe’s. I’ve also made it to Kramer’s bookstore on Dupont Circle and plan to see the American Art exhibit at the Phillips Collection later this week. If I get myself moving, I may yet make it today to the Smithsonian’s craft fair at the National Building Museum.

Cloud of Cherry BlossomsRibbons of cherry blossoms wrap Kenwood streets

As you can see by the photos, it’s cherry blossom time. Last week was cloudy and intermittently wet, but the weather turned perfect yesterday, just in time for all the flower festivities. I am making a dogged effort not to get entangled in the traffic snarls caused by the parade. I did, however, visit the nearby Kenwood neighborhood where the streets are lined by a thousand 100-year-old cherry trees. I hate to say it, but it must be a pain to live there during the peak blossom week. The curbs in front of all the houses are dotted with “No Parking” signs.

Cherry Tree "foot"Old cherry trees have big “feet”


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