Talk to the animals …


House-sitting promises animal adventures

These house-sitting assignments would not simplify my life!

“We are looking for an experienced pet sitter to look after our many animals for 3 weeks in August at our beautiful home in Southern Brittany. We have 4 horses that live out (thank goodness for that!), 2 dogs, 8 cats and a pet pig who live in the house. In addition we have chickens and ducks who are free range and 2 very friendly goats.

“What responsibilities are required of house sitter?

“As the horses live out (again, thank goodness!), they will only need feeding and giving hay. The dogs love to be walked but as they have so much space, they do not need daily walking, and the goats do love to be walked with them. The chickens and ducks just need letting out in the morning and shutting in at night. The pig does her own thing and doesn’t even need feeding (remember, the pig lives in the house.) The goats will need bringing in at night and letting out in the morning, and will love you forever if you take them for walkies! In spite of so many animals it is all fairly low maintenance!”

A few excerpts

London: “We have 2 dogs, 3 cats, and an elderly pet rat ( who may or may not live that long)…”

Waimauku: “Keep an eye on our 7 Suffolk sheep (one ram and six ewes and the ewes will be pregnant but hopefully not delivering).”

Thailand: “The area is quite remote, it’s really laid back with buffalo, chickens and the odd snake around…”

Bucks County, Pa: “…care for one dog that’s diabetic, needs insulin every 12 hours and wears diapers…must be carried outside frequently.”

Alaska: “Responsible adult wanted to take care of home, 2 dogs and 2 cats. Must have experience with large dogs and must know how to be the “alpha” dog. … One dog is a male American Bulldog. He’s very friendly and calm. The other is a Husky Mix that is very energetic. He is a retired Iditarod dog so he loves walks (or runs). They are large male dogs. They require an alpha to be in charge or they will take advantage of you and start doing whatever they want. I don’t mean hitting them, but you can’t be afraid to raise your voice.”

Finally, a note straight from the kitty-cats

“Our mum and dad are off to France AGAIN for just over 7 weeks and they are looking to find suitable carers for we 2 cats. If you are mature (like our mum & dad), experienced sitters who LOVE cats and duties associated we’d like to hear from you … The main responsibility will be caring for us.  We want someone who will love and spoil us and of course one of us needs lots of brushing & grooming. We are Preeti (Hamilayan girl who is timid in the beginning so sitters have to be prepared to allow me to adjust and make sure I don’t “sneak outside” when I shouldn’t) and William who is 16 and just likes to eat and sleep. …

Goodbye (purr purr) … William & Preeti”




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