The art of graduation

Son Graduates, Mother Proud

I’m not sure I’ve “fixed” this post or not. What I wanted to say was that the blog, The Global Art Junkie, recently feature various depictions of graduations. That, of course, gave me the perfect excuse to post this picture of my son, Max Banerjee.

He graduated June 14 from Santa Clara University and was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Army the same day. He’s on his way now to Fort Sill, OK, for training in his branch, Field Artillery. And he’ll kill me when he sees this post but a mother has to brag once in a while!

New 2L Max Banerjee and his mother, Susan Caba

New 2L Max Banerjee and his mother, Susan Caba


Global Art Junkie


Our family has been happily preoccupied for the last month with a college graduation, and the travel it involved.  I’ve been reflecting on the fun – and the sanctity – of graduation, which brought to mind best-selling author Neil Gaiman’s viral commencement address at the University of the Arts . He told graduates to “go, and make interesting mistakes, make amazing mistakes, make glorious and fantastic mistakes. Break rules.” Most of all, he told them, “make good art.”  I’m for that. (Above: Sonia Villiers, Cambridge Graduation Day)

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