More animal talk

Goat Milker Wanted (I kid you not)

Okay, I promised myself I wouldn’t write any more posts about the animals that house sitters are asked to care for. But then I saw this ad on–and I couldn’t resist. I’m just going to post it verbatim. The property is north of London, near the eastern seaboard of England.

Goat milker (we can teach!) + animal lover to look after menagerie

We live up a country lane with no close neighbours. Surrounded by fields, yet a short walk down the track to the village. The assignment MAY be suitable for children comfortable with being around animals, although 2 of the dogs do not like being cuddled (but love playing ball) so I would say best suited for older children. We have a double spare room for your stay. We have a blog (search Grandpa Southwellski) if you wish to see more.

Animal list:
  • 2 goats: Simone and Ashia
  • 4 small terrier dogs: Monty, Blossom, Scarlett and Sanya
  • 2 cats: Jarvis and KC
  • 2 drakes: Flappy and Ballerina (don’t ask!)
  • 2 guinea pigs: Hearty and Chubby
  • Many chickens (including roosters)
  • Goldfish (only fed once in a blue moon)
What responsibilities are required of house sitter?

Milking Simone (our British Alpine) every morning. She is very obliging and knows the routine. Feeding the dogs (this may be as simple as just chucking out some raw bones in the garden for them). Feeding the cats; guinea pigs; chickens; and goldfish. Depending on the season/weather there may be some watering to do in the garden.

Features of the property and location

We have wi-fi and an acre of land, some of which is landscaped gardens with a summerhouse (electricity and wifi) and hammock. We don’t have close neighbours and the garden is completely private. We are near to Thetford Forest; Brandon Country Park; Elveden Centre Parcs and a multitude of forest tracks. The village has a butchers shop, post office, pubs serving food and a newsagent.

Grandpa Southwellski’s Garden

Actually, this could be a fun holiday for the right family.

I looked up Grandpa Southwellski’s garden blog, which he writes with his granddaughter, Coco. Grandpa is in his fifties, with longish gray-white hair and beard that give him the look of a sailor. If I didn’t know he lives in England, I’d peg him for a beach guy from Southern California. His other blog, Grandpa Southwellski’s Workshop, is about small household and woodworking projects.

“We live not far from the seaside town of Hunstanton, a popular holiday destination for thousands of people each year,” Grandpa writes. “Known locally as Sunny Hunny, it has long sandy beaches perfect for a spot of sand castle building or kite flying or in winter freezing your what nots off as the wind comes from Siberia direct

He goes on to describe a recent visit to Sunny Hunny with Coco.

“The first day was lovely and warm and the second was warm enough for Coco and I to spend 3 hours in the outdoor pool.
Then on the third day it rained like it was never going to stop. Coco and I ventured onto the beach for a little while … it was blowing a hoolie and not surprisingly we were alone.

“We did meet another hardened dog walker almost dragging a reluctant pooch onto the beach as we were coming back. A few minutes later the same dog overtook us on it’s homeward bound journey, followed some 50 yards behind by a red faced and puffing owner.”

If you have grandchildren, you might want to stop and visit Grandpa Southwellski–if only on his blog.


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3 / 4Goat milker (we can teach!) + animal lover to look after menagerie.


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