Sing along with … Orrin Hatch?

Who knew? Senator penned Happy Hanukkah song

Susan Caba
The Resale Evangelista

I’m way late on this bit of news–which broke in 2009–but I found it so amusing, so absurd, really, that I had to share. Orrin Hatch, Republican Mormon from Utah, wrote a song for Hanukkah as a “gift for the Jews.”

Really. He’s sincere. You can sing along with the Senator on YouTube. The song, Eight Days of Hanukkah, has been described as “happy and peppy and bursting with love.”

If you want the whole back story of the song, here’s a link to writer Jeffrey Goldberg’s account in Atlantic Magazine of how he urged and encouraged the Senator to put pen to paper for Hanukkah.

I once forbade my son from mentioning Orrin Hatch’s name (along with he-who-shall-not-be-named, Rummy, and the devil incarnate, Cheney) in my house. I violently disagree with every aspect of Hatch’s philosophy. I could never have conceived of featuring him on my blog.

But then, that’s what Hanukkah is about–the miracle of light, right? If he can write a Hanukkah song (he also writes love songs and Christian hymns), maybe we can hope Senator Hatch is subject to other forms of enlightenment, too.

3 thoughts on “Sing along with … Orrin Hatch?

  1. Jone

    Totally tickled my funny bone. Assuming only a “certain” reader will see the brilliance and hilarity in this. I’m thankful I’m one. 🙂 Awesome read, Sue!



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